What does it cost to keep a Pony at JPH?


Approximately $720/month and includes 2 riding lessons a week.

This is the least expensive care option at JPH for young riders starting out.


Pasture Board   $350.00/month  

Farrier (trim hoofs every 6 – 8 weeks)  40.00 /trim

Wormer (every 8 weeks)  12.00/dose

Vaccinations (2x year)  60.00

Coggins test (1x year)  30.00 

Lessons (2x week)  $320.00/month 

This is an estimated cost to keep a pony at JPH and does not include shoeing or additional training. Some horses & ponies may require stall board, full shoes and/or training.


Many of our students also enjoy showing their ponies at local, regional & national shows. Our students attend an average of 3 - 7 shows a year. If running for a major title or year- end award a rider may need to attend as many as 10 or more shows a year.  Most shows we attend are 2 or 3 day events while on occasion we attend one day shows that are in the D/FW or OKC areas. Please see estimated show expenses for these additional costs. 

Additional veterinary cost may be necessary do to illness or injury. Some horses/ponies also require medical maintenance for joints if they are older or shown heavily. These costs can vary.

Life insurance and major medical policies are available through several agencies that specialize in equine insurance. The current yearly rate for full mortality is 3.4% of the insured amount (usually the purchase amount or value). I can give you more information on insurance carriers if you are interested.