The Perfect Dog

Rat Terriers have been part of the Johnson household since 1999. We soon discovered the Decker lines and began a breeding program to capture the qualities that make these dogs so endearing.

Why we think the Decker Rat terrier is a great dog:

  • Hunting ability. Deckers are well proven as great hunters. We like their ability to keep the mice population down and keep raccoon, opossum and armadillos out of the yard. He is the "must have" dog around the farm.
  • Perfect size, at approximately 17" tall and about 30 lbs, they are sturdy enough for farm life and being around the kids yet can cuddle in your lap.
  • NOT yappy. With the influence of the Basenji, a barkless dog, during the early development of the Decker, they usually only let out a single bark or two when a stranger comes by and are more likely to yodel when treeing prey. 
  • Grooming tendency. Deckers have a "catlike" nature to groom themselves. Along with their short hair, they are welcome in the house at the end of the day.
  • Athletic. They are super athletes and have well defined muscles. Their sculptured physique is truly impressive.  
  • FUN & INTELLIGENT. Deckers are always great to interact with and watch play. 

Several qualities were especially important to us, therefore, we have carefully chosen which dogs to breed. We also strive to raise our puppies in the best environment to facilitate these qualities.

Traits of JPH puppies that make them extra special:

  • Friendly. Because of our busy barn, it is important our dogs can safely interact with new people, kids and other animals. Our puppies get loads of attention and always adjust well to their new owners.
  • Healthy. Since the start, our dogs have never needed to see a vet other than to treat the occasional snake bite or stitch a wound.  Genetically proven bloodlines along with proper health care ensure our dogs live a long, healthy life.
  • Good looking. Although more of an afterthought, our dogs tend to have loud, fun coloring that offer enough white to able to see them when across the yard or in the tall grass. 


Puppies are available to go to their new home at 8 weeks old and we are able to fly to most any major airport with climate control cargo area. 

Puppies will be vaccinated, dewclaws removed and tails docked if needed. Our Deckers come with registration application certificate for the National Rat Terrier Registry and are also eligible for the Decker Hunting Terrier Registration.

For more information on available Decker pups please call Andy, 580-276-0661


BORN 11/14/2018

Roxie is the daughter of Rosie and by JPH Diesel. She is a strong, persistent hunter and our tree climber. Her puppies will be available January 9 and are $500. A deposit of $250 is required to hold puppies.  Payment can be made by the link below or with a check/money order. Please call Andy at 580-276-0661  

JPH Roxie

JPH Roxie


Born 11/22/2018 on Thanksgiving

Rosie is the reason why we fell in love with Deckers.  Her intelligence and kind, gentle nature make her an endearing companion. She is an exceptional hunter with extreme speed, tenacity and agility. Rosie also has a unique coat that is sleeker with a high sheen.  Rosie x Dexter pups with be ready to go home January 17 and are $800. A $400 deposit is required to hold a puppy. Payment can be made by the link below or with a check/money order. Please call Andy at 580-276-0661 

JPH Rosie with pups

JPH Rosie with pups

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