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Why take English Riding Lessons?

The Educated Rider


English riding lessons have sometimes been a hard sell in southern Oklahoma, the stomping grounds of the American Cowboy. The truth is, English riding just has a great standardize format for teaching good horsemanship, safety and the skills necessary for communicating with a horse. Learning to ride English will give a rider a better seat, balance and understanding of the riding aids. All these things are necessary for any type of riding including barrel racing, roping, trail riding and jumping. If you or your child like horses and always wanted to ride please read on…

Some think English riding is just for the hoity-toity, not true. English riding is just old, a style of riding used long before the American Cowboy. Early settlers from Europe rode English and brought their tack and riding knowledge to the new world. The Spaniards and many other European countries have long taught the art of horsemanship in a formalized setting.

English riding is NOT more expensive and neither are the horses. In fact, in our barn, many of the Western horses cost more on average then the English horses we have here. Another little known fact, except for the higher levels of competition, most any horse can be ridden English or Western. 

If you are interested in riding or always wanted a horse please join us. Johnson Performance Horses offers English and Western riding lessons, training and we have safe, well trained horses and ponies for most any budget. Our riders learn good solid riding skills that will benefit them on the trail or in the show ring. 


Kim Johnson is certified with the American Riding Instructors Association since 1995