What does it cost to show with JPH?

The cost estimate of a typical 2-day show is $400.00 to $800.00

  • Entry Fees: $140.00 to 260.00 (typically $15.00 a class, plus office fees; EMT fee, jump fee, etc…)
  • Stall & Bedding: $100.00 to 200.00 per weekend
  • Hauling: $60.00 to $300.00 (.70 cents a mile round trip with a $60.00 minimum)
  • Day Fees: $100.00 ($50.00/day)
  • Expenses: $30.00 to 150.00 

Expenses are equally split by the number of horses we have attending the show. That includes horses/ponies owned and shown by JPH and Johnson family members. Expenses include additional stalls for tack and grooming, trainer’s lodging and food, staff/groom’s salary and their expenses.

The cost estimate of a typical 1-day show is $180.00 to $350.00

This refers to shows that do not require stabling, bedding and trainer’s lodging expenses. Even though your rider is only showing 1 day, if we are staying at the show and have stalls refer to the prices above.

  • Entries: $70.00 to 140.00 (typically $15.00 a class and an office fee)
  • Hauling: $60.00 to $200.00 (.70 cents a mile round trip with a $60.00 minimum)
  • Day Fee: $50.00 (also referred to as “coaching fee”)

Other expenses that can be incurred during a show are for memberships, horse/pony rental, health papers, braiding, clipping, bathing and other show preparations on your horse. Please go over the current JPH price list.

USEF Rated Shows and National Breed Shows cost on average of $1,200 to $2,000+ for competitions we are attending for 3 or more days. Breed Shows like the American National Welsh Show in Tulsa and “A” rated shows sanctioned by the United States Equestrian Federation(USEF) will cost more. The cost for classes at these shows range from $25.00 - 45.00 per class and you will need memberships to these organizations. From time to time we attend USEF rated shows; they are needed to qualify for national events for the United States Equestrian Federation and they are where coaches will be scouting for NCAA equestrian athletes. If interested please join at usef.org and ushja.org