Interscholastic Equestrian Team


Fast Facts

  • It is not necessary to own a horse to participate. 
  • Classes are offered in 4 ability levels: 
    • Beginner (flat only) 
    • Novice (x-rail)
    • Intermediate (2’) 
    • Open (2’6”, only upper school)
  • Open to riders in grades 6-12. (Rumors has it they may be adding 4 & 5 grades next year). There are separate Middle School (6-8th) and Upper School (9th-12th) teams. 
  • A Rider can  ride in a maximum of 5 shows each year, and will need acquire at least 15 points in a class to be eligible for Zones, Regional’s, or Nationals. Red River Riders are expected to continue to compete until they reach their 5th show even if they are already individually qualified in order to help the team.
  • The competition season starts September 1st and ends at National Finals. 2018 Hunt Seat National Finals are in April in Syracuse, NY.
  • Non JPH students are required to take two “team” lessons per month at JPH in addition to their own weekly instruction given by a professional in their discipline.
  • Alexandra Johnson will be the Team Coach. Team lesson schedule is TBD. Contact info: , 580-222-7354

Fees Information

IEA National Dues: ( application & payment online) $55 annually

  • Riders are eligible for up to 2 classes each at a show, thus capping their expenses for entry fees (set at a max of $40 per class by IEA or $80/show).
  • Red River’s Team fee $50, covers the team and coach membership & insurance.
  • If you are not in a regular lesson program with JPH, two monthly team lessons are required. Cost is $40/lesson (Sept-February, 10 lessons). 
  • $50 Coaching fee per show plus split on hotel/gas/meals for Red River Coach.
  • The team will have jackets and other clothing to wear at competitions when not actually showing. (Cost of jacket & 2 team shirts TBD.

Payment for Red River Team fees can be made through link at bottom of page.

Show Information

  • This team will require a commitment similar to any team sport. Unless absolutely necessary, riders should not miss lessons, either with the team or on their own. It is mandatory that riders attend the lesson previous to any show or they will not be allowed to ride (even if entry fees are already paid).
  • Riders are responsible for having the appropriate clothing to show at formal horse shows, meaning the attire will not be casual. Hunt Seat attire consists of; helmet, navy/dark colored hunt coat, tan breeches, white or light colored shirt, black gloves, belt, brown or black paddock boots (12 & under) with matching garters, or tall black field boots (13 and over). All clothes must be well-fitting and clean.
  • After competition riders will change into their team shirt and team jacket. Parents are encouraged to come in team colors and if possible with the team logo present.
  • Riders are encouraged to travel as a team to IEA shows. Parent volunteers will be asked to assist in carpooling to shows.
  • All riders will remain at the show as a team until all placings/awards are announced.
  • Students ride horses provided by the host barn and chosen by random draw. The use of personal tack is not allowed and limited schooling is permitted. However riders should bring their own crop. This equalizes competition variables and tests the horsemanship of the contestants.
  • Points are tracked for individual rider accomplishments AND for overall, team accomplishments. Individuals and teams earn points to qualify for regional, zone and national finals.
  • Each season one rider will be asked to be the Team Captain, this rider will possess the personality to unite the team to create a healthy competitive environment, help answer riders’ questions and make sure all team members are doing their part to make the team a success.

Red River Equestrian has been organized by Johnson Performance Horses of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Team members do not need to be clients of JPH to participate in our IEA Team. 


Red River Team Fees

  • Red River Yearly Membership $50 
  • Team Lessons $40 each

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card